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Quality assurance policy    Version for printing

According to the quality assurance policy, the Plumbing Components Factory Open Joint-Stock Company strives for maintaining leadership in producing, marketing, and installing sanitary products. For this purpose, the Factory directs its activity to produce high-quality articles, introduce new technologies, and provide flexible price policy and high-quality service of customers with consideration for their concrete requirements and expectations.
The high quality and continuous improvement of the Factory production is considered as a main condition for the long-term involvement of the Factory on the market, strengthening the economical state, and further development of the Factory.
The social policy of the Factory implies retaining the personnel, creating favorable conditions within the work collective, achieving common goals, improving qualification and skills of the workers.

Main tasks of the Factory according to the quality assurance policy are the following:
  • • Continuously maintaining and strengthening the reputation of the Factory as a reliable supplier of high-quality products and services.
  • • Introducing processes that enhance the Factory production quality.
  • • Continuously extending and modernizing the Factory process equipment base for the purpose to provide the production with the use of modern advanced engineering facilities.
  • • Timely analyzing the actual loading of the Factory process equipment in order to reduce downtimes.
  • • Continuously developing cooperation with suppliers and customers.
  • • Controlling social and technical factors that affect the production process in order to create favorable conditions for producing high-quality articles.
  • • Extending the product range by 40 %.
  • • Carrying out analysis for determining the actual volume of the defect production in 2004 according to customer claims.
  • • Shipping the Factory products to Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Baltic countries, and Bulgaria.

Look certificate At the Plumbing Components Factory, for the purpose to fulfill the specified tasks, the Quality Management System is implemented that meets the requirements of the DSTU ISO 9001-2001 standard.
[Look certificate] [Version for printing]

To accomplish the Quality Assurance Program, the Factory has all necessary engineering and labor resources, and the Factory management assumes the following obligations:
  • • Consider the tasks connected with the quality of the Factory production as priority tasks.
  • • Continuously improve the Quality Management System according to the requirements of the DSTU ISO 9001-2001 standard.
  • • Train no less than 25 experts in quality management within 2004.
  • • Carry out researches of the market demand with the following analysis of the research results and correction of the activity connected with the development of the Factory.
  • • Continuously improve the production facilities, processes, and infrastructure of the Factory, provide safe labor conditions, and satisfy social demands of the workers.
  • • Properly assign the liability of the managers and workers in all courses of production activity and developing cooperation and mutual aid principles among the Factory officials and workers.
  • • Provide the participation of the Factory personnel, from the Director to any worker, in fulfilling the tasks of the Quality Assurance Program.
  • • Methodically enhance the qualification level and creating activity of the employees, provide training for no less than 10 % of the personnel.
  • • Provide moral and material motives of all the employees for enhancing production quality and improving services.

All responsibility for the improvement of processes that affect production quality at the Factory rests on the Factory direction, production division managers, and direct participants of the Quality Assurance Program. Each director, manager, and worker is responsible within the limits defined by the Quality Assurance System implemented at the Factory.
The guarantor in accomplishing the tasks according to the quality assurance policy is Director of the Factory, which is responsible for providing conditions required for understanding and following the principles of the quality assurance policy by all the Factory employees as well as stimulates the employees to actively participate in the Quality Assurance Program and develop their individual creative abilities.

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