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Address:24 Ekskavatorna Street,
Kyiv, Ukraine 03062
Tel./Fax:+380 44 427-11-11
Tel./Fax:+380 44 501-06-78

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At the territory of the Plumbing Components Factory, the "Santechnik" shop is functioning, where the Factory products are presented for retail sales.

  • • Uncoated and galvanized pipes, component parts for heat, water, and gas supply systems (sleeves, thread connectors, bent branches, coupling boxes, lock nuts, kneepieces, valves, taps, towel-drives, ferrules and plugs for hot-water radiators).
  • • Polypropylene pipes and component parts for cold and hot water supply systems.
  • • Polyethylene pipes ant shaped parts for sewerage systems.
  • • Shaped parts for sewerage systems with iron pipes.
  • • Galvanized pipes, elbows, hoppers, chimney cowls, crickets, and screens for drainages.
  • • Steel flanges, steel pressed adapters, steel steeply curved pipe branches.
  • • Other products.

Our address:24 Ekskavatorna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine 03062
Tel.:+ 380 44 442-2177

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Monday - Saturday: from 9.00 to 16.00 without break        Sunday Weekend

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