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Address:24 Ekskavatorna Street,
Kyiv, Ukraine 03062
Tel./Fax:+380 44 427-11-11
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Description of the Factory production
  • • Pipes with thermal insulation according to the GOSTU 34-204-88-001-98 standard.
  • • Polypropylene pipes with thermal insulation in polyethylene and galvanized sheaths according to the GOSTU 34-204-88-002-98 standard, complete with component parts, designed for application in heating and hot water supply systems.
  • • Enameled steel pipes according to the GOSTU 34-204-88-002-98 standard with preapplied thermal insulation.
  • • Polyethylene and galvanized spiral-wound pipes used for encapsulating pipes with thermal insulation, centering rings, and plugs.
  • • Pressure pipes from low-molecular-weight polyethylene.
  • • Polypropylene pipes and shaped parts for cold and hot water supply systems.
  • • Pipes insulated with DTL type according to the TU U 88.264.025-95 specifications.
  • • Enameled pipes according to the TU U 7308692-001-93 specifications.
  • • Polyethylene sewerage pipes and shaped parts according to the GOST 22689.2-89 standard.
  • • Steeply curved branches according to the GOST 17375-83 standard.
  • • Enameled steeply curved branches according to the TU U 23371749-004-96 specifications.
  • • Steel adapters according to the GOST 17378-83 standard.
  • • Enameled steel adapters.
  • • Coupling boxes for pipes with thermal insulation.
  • • Adapters with thermal insulation.
  • • Sanitary fittings (sleeves, branches, unions, couplings, grates, chimney cowls, funnels, lock nuts, towel-driers, elbow pipes, adapters).
  • • Windows and balcony doors made from polyvinylchloride section materials supplied by the REHAU firm, with multiple glass panes.
  • • Smoke-removing dampers according to the TU.U.V.2.5.-05503272-012-2002 specifications.
  • • Air inlets, elevators, sludge pans.
  • • Fire-retarding dampers according to the TU.U.V.2.5.-05503272-011-01 specifications.
  • • Tubular scaffolding complete with connecting parts, grates, hooks, anchors, ladders, earthling parts, lighting-rods, supports, and girth rails.
  • • Sections of water heaters.
  • • Expansion bellows.

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