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Address:24 Ekskavatorna Street,
Kyiv, Ukraine 03062
Tel./Fax:+380 44 427-11-11
Tel./Fax:+380 44 501-06-78

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About the Factory   


Steel pipes with thermal insulation
   The use of enameled pipes with thermal insulation extends the service life of pipelines up to 50 years.
Description of the Factory production

Windows, stained-glass windows, and balcony doors
   The articles are designed for application in existing and reconstructed residential, public, and industrial buildings, as well as in individual construction.
Description of the Factory production

Pipes with waterproof and thermal insulation
   Thermal insulation tape protects a steel pipe from atmosphere and underground corrosion.
Description of the Factory production

   At the territory of the Factory, the "Santekhnik" shop is functioning, where the Factory products are presented for retail sales. The Board of the Plumbing Components Factory Open Joint-Stock Company invites distributors to cooperate.

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