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Address:24 Ekskavatorna Street,
Kyiv, Ukraine 03062
Tel./Fax:+380 44 427-11-11
Tel./Fax:+380 44 501-06-78

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The Plumbing Components Factory (24 Ekskavatorna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine 03062) was established on the basis of repair shops in 1955 for the purpose to supply Kyiv with necessary sanitary products as well as service building organizations of the Golovkyivmiskbud /JSC HC "Kyivmiskbud"/.
On June 17, 1994, the Plumbing Components Factory as a leased enterprise was transformed into an open joint-stock company.
At present, the Factory is an advanced enterprise with unique equipment, modern technologies, and qualified personnel. The Factory has considerable experience in designing and producing sanitary products at the territory and outside of Ukraine. The Factory products were many times exposed at international exhibitions, the National Exhibition Center, and fairs and were distinguished by prizes and awards. The Factory products are designed for application in residential, public, and industrial buildings to be constructed or reconstructed as well as in private buildings. The Factory increases continuously its production output and introduces modern processing lines for manufacturing new products.

The Factory has processing lines to produce:
  • • Tubular workpieces from uncoated or galvanized DN 26.8-57 mm pipes, differently shaped, complete with fittings, connectors, and fastening parts.
  • • DN 57-325 PV water heaters with water heat carrier.
  • • Bolt-free standard tubular scaffolding designed for masonry and finishing works.
  • • Gates, decorative protective gratings, and fabricated metal structures.
  • • Sealed, high-sealed, and welded ventilation, aspiration, and smoke removal ducts made of ferrous metal, galvanized steel, or metal-filled plastic, with a circular or rectangular cross-section, complete with euroconnectors.
  • • Sound-suppression facilities.

At the Factory, new processing lines are set in operation to produce:
  • • DN 26.8-1020 mm steel pipes and DN 20-75 mm polypropylene pipes with preapplied thermal and waterproof insulation, manufactured in polyethylene sheaths for duct-free underground installation and in galvanized steel sheaths for external installation, complete with control devices, pipe branches, coupling boxes, butt-joint parts, tees, adapters, air-removing valves, expansion bellows, and other components that are necessary for mounting pipelines.
  • • DN 42-325 mm pipes with waterproof DTL-tape insulation, complete with fittings and shaped parts, which are designed for application in gas, oil, and water pipeline systems.
  • • DN 57-219 mm enameled pipes for application in hot and cold water supply systems as well as in systems for transporting chlorine and other corrosive substances.
  • • DN 50-110 mm polyethylene pipes and corresponding shaped parts for application in sewerage systems.
  • • DN 90-225 mm pressure polyethylene pipes and up to DN 1020 mm free-flow polyethylene pipes (with weld joints).
  • • DN 20-75 mm polypropylene pipes and corresponding shaped parts for application in interior water supply and heating systems.
  • • D 50-100 mm steeply curved pipe branches for application in water, gas supply, and heating systems as well as in oil pipelines.
  • • DN 25-159 mm steel adapters according to the GOST 17378-83 standard.
  • • Metal-filled plastic windows, interior doors, single- and two-section multiple glass panes, as well as balcony doors with single- and two-section multiple glass panes.
  • • Components for manufacturing and glazing loggias.
The introduction of new processing lines allows the Factory to supply construction objects in Ukraine with sanitary products.
Prices for the Factory products are lower as compared with analogous products of other manufacturers.
The Factory also produces:
  • • Complete and incomplete DU 15-50 mm uncoated and galvanized sleeves.
  • • DU 15-50 mm uncoated and galvanized pipe branches.
  • • DU 15-50 mm uncoated and galvanized fittings.
  • • G 3/4 double-sided and single-sided connectors.
  • • Outlet elbow pipes, rainwater hoppers, DU 100-140 mm drain-pipe adapters (L = 300 mm).
  • • Chutes (L = 1 m).
  • • Combs (L = 2 m).
  • • Balcony screens (L = 1.5 m or 2 m).

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