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Address:24 Ekskavatorna Street,
Kyiv, Ukraine 03062
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History of the Factory    Version for printing

The Central Blank Production Factory was established on 17 December 1955 according to the Golovkyivmiskbud Order No. 562 of 17 December 1955 and the Kyivspetsbud Order No. 130 of December 23, 1955.
In 1957, the number of employees was 171. The Factory equipment was installed in four wooden buildings (barracks).
The Factory was being built. Within the first five years, the iron sewerage facilities production shop, small pipe production shop, ceramic sanitary ware production shop, and boiler Factory were built. The large pipe production shop and office building were built within the following five years.
In 1970s, a hot-water radiator production shop was built, and the new reconstruction of the Factory was started. In the reconstruction process, the high-capacity boiler plant, seven-floor office building, ventilation shop, and building for the plant engineer services were built.
In 1980s, the finished product store, new blank production shop with service rooms and stores, the second building for the ceramic sanitary ware production shop, and finished product painting shop were built. The Factory canteen for 120 seats was reconstructed.
Within the last five years the reconstruction of the Factory with all its engineering facilities was fully completed. New shops were commissioned, such as the shops for producing preinsulated polyethylene and polypropylene pipes complete with shaped parts, metal-filled windows and doors, lamellar heat exchangers for individual heating and hot water supply stations, and thermal power monitoring stations, the work bay for applying enamel and waterproof coating to steel pipes and producing fire-retarding and smoke-removing dampers, and the assembly work bay. The territory of the Factory has fully been put in order, i.e. protected, paved with asphalt, and decorated with flowers.
The problem in connection with transport means for the Factory employees is solved now.
In social service, significant improvements have been achieved that stimulate the productive activity of the working collective. As an example, children of the Factory employees have a rest in summer camps on the Black See beach and medicinal and sanitary preventoriums. The Factory management concluded an agreement with the medical service of Kyivmiskbud in order to provide free medical service and treatment for the Factory employee. The Factory canteen provides midday meals for the employees. The retired Factory employees obtain pecuniary aid and food products before each holyday. At the Factory, the Santekhnik shop is functioning where purchasers can buy sanitary products manufactured by the Factory.
The Factory maintains close connections with universities and high schools. Each year, a group of 30-35 students is working on probation at the Factory. From these students, 7-10 people are invited to work at the Factory after graduation.
The Plumbing Components Factory Open Joint-Stock Company invites all the expected customers of the Factory to cooperation. We appreciate any real propositions and concrete works and are ready to satisfy any requirements for high-quality products to be shipped in specified amounts.

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